Do you know the fairy tale called “The Ants and The Grasshopper”?
Almost everybody should know this story:
Once upon a time, there were ants and a grasshopper. During summer, the ants were working hard to stock their food for winter, but the grasshopper was always enjoying playing the violin.
When winter came, the ants were able to survive by using their stock, but the grasshopper didn’t have enough food.
The grasshopper asked the ants for food, which was rejected, and he died of hunger.
Image of a grasshopper※メンバーが描画

This story tells us that we have to prepare for what will happen next. And actually the same thing could happen to us.
The winter may come to us, which means that we may encounter a danger of food deficiency.
It is expected that our food consumption will have increased to no less than 170% by 2050 and even before that time, by 2030, protein is going to run short※1.

protein is one of the three major nutrients( the other two are fat and carbohydrate ), and excluding water, 60% of our body is made from protein.
From this data, you can realize how serious the problem of protein deficiency is.

The supply of food for humans is threatened. And our solution lies in worms and insects.
Worms and Insects are the food which FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization) recommends as a food source for the next generation.
You may say, “No way! We cannot eat worms or insects. They have such creepy appearances!” Actually, however, WE CAN EAT THEM.
In Japan, locusts boiled in soy sauce have been eaten for a long time, and now 2 billion people all over the world eat more than 1900 kinds of insects※2.
It is said that Homo sapiens evolved by using their fingers in a delicate way in order to eat insects.
You should know that insects can be eaten and that they are delicious.

Another great point of them is they can provide much more protein than cows or pigs if given the same amount of feed and they give less damage to the environment.

Eating insects can reduce the impact on the environment compared with eating animals. This is very important for today’s society in which we try to work out SDGs.
It is also interesting that insects, which used to be eaten in the past, become a food source to realize a sustainable society in the future.
We would like to warn the seriousness of our food problem as the ants warned the grasshopper and share our ideas about how to overcome the problem and survive on this planet.

Image of ants hard at work.※メンバーが描画

※1 quotes:Nikkei Crosstrend
The key to future meals is algae and insects. It will come true in 12 years.”  (“Mirainoshokujihamotokonnchuugakagi12nengomogennjitsuni” 未来の食事は「藻」と「昆虫」が鍵)

※2 quotes: FAO
Edible insects: Future prospects for food and feed security” Pxiii The role of insects

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