Japan used to be a country where many people eat insects as food.
Do you know that as many as 55 kinds of insects were eaten in the Taisho era in Japan?
The diet, however declined, and the diet continues only in the inland region, such as Gifu or Nagano prefecture.
People in the region near the sea ate fish as a source of protein, and people in the inland region ate insects as a source of protein, so dietary culture of insect food continues in the inland area now.

Then, locusts, pupa of silkworms, larvae of longhorn beetles, cicadas, bee cubs, crickets, dragonflies or nymphs were eaten in Japan. Locusts, bee cubs or nymphs are eaten as a traditional food. There were few flavor enhancers in the past, so they were simmered with soy sauce and sugar.

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Reference:Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce Agricultural Experiment Station β€œResearch about edible and medicinal insects for edible and medicinal”
It were issued in 1919, so they are difficult to read, but the insects eaten in each region and the way to cook them are written in them. We are moved to know that such great research was done in Japan 100 years ago, when Japan just started as a modern country. I recommend you to read them.
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