All living things have their tastes.
Don’t you become interested in insect food if people say that crickets go well with rice?
Please try eating the insects which fascinate you.
Every time we eat new insects , we update this encyclopedia. Please look forward to the update.
We also mention the state of the worms and insects which seems to be the most appropriate to eat.。

Our team has eaten….

They can be produced only by breeding, so they do not live in the wild.
They are bred in order to get silk thread from cocoons which larvas make.
Silk thread can be material of clothes, and silkworms can be eaten. What nice insects! We actually bred them. We fried them and ate them. It is difficult to breed them, because they eat only mulberry leaves.
They have tastes like nuts, and the tastes become even better by grilling thoroughly. We bred them by ourselves, so we really appreciated them when we ate them.

LOCUSTS Eat imago
In Japan, they are hated by farmers because they eat rice, but in the past, they were a precious source of protein.
Since pesticides started to be used, locusts in the rice field haven’t been regarded as esculent insects.
They have tastes like a shrink's tail or coat. When boiled down in soy sauce, they taste like Japanese traditional food “TSUKUDANI”, so we recommend them.
They are easy to get used to, so beginners should eat them first. Indeed, the insect food which we experienced first was locusts.

CRICKETS  Eat imago
Their body colors are black or brown, and when they are pupas, their body colors are translucent. Their biggest characteristic is their heavy legs.
They can jump high and long.
There are many prickles all over their legs, and in their tails, there are two sensory organs.
When they are attacked by enemies, they realize them by using those sensory organs, and protect themselves by kicking with their legs which have many prickles.

They have tastes like shrimps, in other words, they are small shrimps which can be eaten without removing their coats. Although we say they have tastes like shrimps, they also have their own unique tastes of crickets. They were delicious.

WASP Eat imago(before getting out of the nest) or larvae
You should eat the ones before they first get out of the nest and their needles are still soft. They look horrible but very rich in taste.
Of course you should not try to catch the wild wasps. It is dangerous.

TERMITES Eat imago
You should remove their wings before eating.
Of all the insects we have eaten, it has the most insect-like taste. It had the very taste of nuts. You can get animal protein from these nuts.
We tried this because our website introduces the tale of “The Ants and the grasshopper” in the beginning.
Actually they belong to the cockroach family, so they don’t have a taste of the formic acid of ants.

They are classified as the order hemiptera, belostomatidae.
They have shapes like a pentagon like common stink bugs, but giant water bugs are much bigger than stink bugs. The length of their bodies are 5 to 7 centimeters.
Their body colors are deep brown, and some of them have yellow stripe patterns.
They are the biggest aquaint insects and the biggest stink bugs in Japan. Giant water bugs are filling and fragrant. Also, they have fruity flavors, so some companies use them for pop.
Actually we tasted water-bug pop. It had a very refreshing taste.

Our team has not yet eaten...

Their characteristic is their long tactiles.
Generally speaking, longicorn beetles which have long tactiles are males and those that have short ones are females. They have sharp teeth and the teeth are shaped like saws.
Indeed, they can cut our hair. Because the surface of the longicorn beetle is hard, we can eat only their stomachs, but we hear they taste like horse mackerel, so it is said that they have umami like fish.

They are classified as the subfamily Orthoptera, and live in tropical, temperate, steppe, and desert climates, virtually all over the world.
Their body colors are green or brown, so they resemble crickets, but they have long bodies and short tactiles.
They have developed hind legs, so they can jump 10 times as long as their body length.
They are crispy and the taste is similar to that of shrimps, for example, they are like snacks served in bars.
We want to eat them, do you?

CICADAS Eat larva or imago
The cry in summer is the most popular characteristic of cicadas, so the name of cicadas often comes from their way to cry.
It is said that the purpose of cicada’s cry is courtship. Male cicadas appeal to females by crying loudly.
They are crispy, and they have sweet smells like nuts. We recommend that you fry them.

They simulate branches and they taste like branches or leaves.
The texture is hard. They may simulate branches both in appearance and in taste! Wow! We want to try!

STINK BUGS Eat imago
It is widely known that they discharge bad smell secretions when they are in danger. These secretions work well to beat the enemies and to tell the danger as a kind of pheromone. Stink bugs drink juice or nutrition of fruits by pricking fruits with needles, the holes on fruits and make them rottened or misshapen.
How noughty they are! In addition to their powerful smell, they have tastes like phakchi. We could not find a shop which sells stink bugs in Japan as of November 2020.

COCKROACH  Eat imago
There are 4000 kinds of cockroaches in the world and 60 kinds of them are living in Japan.
Among them, 6 kinds of them are targets of extermination as harmful insects.. Cockroaches are omnivorous and live in dirty areas, so they may deliver pathogenic bacteria. There is no problem, however, about farmed cockroaches.
They must be the most hated insects because of the bad image.
They are crispy and they taste like shrimps. Also their stomachs’ texture is like crab miso and they taste bland. We also could not find a shop which sells cockroaches in Japan as of November 2020.

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