Final remarks

Let us summarize this site.
Eating beef or pork can damage the environment.
What should we do?
Insect food attracts attention now.
We can get protein efficiently with less damage to the environment.
Insect food is still on the way and there are many problems to be solved compared with other foods, but we believe we can solve them by studying.
To eliminate the dislike of insects, which is the biggest problem, we have to know about insect food.
You may want to avoid it, but you should know that there are many people who eat insects all over the world. There are delicious insects.

We have explained many things about insect food. You may not like insects or not know about insect food.
Does this website help you understand the culture of insect oeating and become interested in insect food?
We are glad if you do. Of course, insect food is functional food in the future, but it is also wonderful because it enriches our diet and increases the variety of our food choices.
The future of Insect food is really promising. Through this site, we declare that insect food is rich in protein and good for health. And it will surely make our dietary culture more fruitful.
We hope that insect food will make this world a better place.

Finally, Let's challenge the quiz to see what you've learned from this site!

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