Our Resolution We help as many people as possible to gain the correct knowledge about eating worms and insects through this website and encourage them to feel  ”Maybe we can try.”
This site consists of 3 parts.
These days, insects for food are getting popular and it seems that a boom is coming.
And more and more newspaper articles or TV programs say insects could save the world.
But we are worried that they do not give us detailed information on eating them.

So, in the first chapter, we summarize some basic knowledge about eating insects.
Anyone can understand some important facts about eating insects quickly by reading this chapter.

The second chapter contains more detailed information on insects eating.
This chapter consists of several independent articles.
You can start from whichever article you are interested in.

The third chapter is based on our experience about insect eating.
Please find a hint to start your own insects eating.

In the top bar at the top of the page, 🐜 is placed to the left of the name of the section to which the page you are looking at belongs.

We tried to make our drawings of insects as acceptable as possible even for people who hate worms and insects but if you hate seeing any drawing of them, you can hide it by clicking the upper right button.

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